Exterior Wall Panelling Products

Congratulations, you just landed your first design contract since graduating university! Three years interning for a leading firm has supplied you with many leads and connections, but you would have never imagined landing this project. A big-shot land developer has purchased a property and plans to erect a luxurious hotel on the coast. Plans are to create a medieval theme, and you have been tasked to lead the team of interior and exterior designers. You will need exterior wall panels that resemble old stone, and you know exactly where to go. StoniniTM is the international leader in exterior panelling including exterior decorative wall panels and exterior concrete wall panels. Choose from our wide selection of hand-crafted, eco-friendly exterior wall panelling, or sit down with our design team and create a customised look that is sure to wow the developer and future guests.

Exterior Decorative Wall Panels Better than Traditional Materials

Using real stone to build or cover the internal framework of the hotel would be heavy, costly, labour-intensive, and even dangerous. We provide you with exterior decorative wall panels that allow you to sidestep all those headaches with lightweight, flexible, eco-conscious exterior panelling alternatives that are suitable for any climate, durable even under high-traffic conditions, and are manufactured right here in Australia. Installation of our flexible panels is easy and non-mechanical as we use industrial-strength adhesive and, for outer panels, we recommend the use of sealant which we offer for sale. Our passion for innovation has made us international leaders in the architecture and design markets. Our goal is to produce stylish design inventions including exterior textured wall panels with as little impact on our planet as possible. We distribute internationally and take care that our raw materials meet our environmental standards all the way through the supply chain.

Exterior Wall Panels - Calypso

Exterior 3D Wall Panels - Stonini

Cutting-Edge Development with Minimalist Impact

Our commitment to eco-preservation runs throughout the StoniniTM process. All ingredients for exterior wall panelling, are mixed by hand in quantities that minimise waste, using moulds that eliminate spillage. Water used for rinsing bins is recycled after collected by an accredited waste water recycling company. 99% of materials used to make our exterior textured wall panels and other products come from natural sources making them safe for landfill or controlled burn disposal. However, our panels are built to last, and while the original paint is mixed into the ingredients at manufacturing, panels can be repainted to give a fresh aesthetic and lengthen the lifespan of the material, thus decreasing waste. Mixing the original paint colour into the ingredients for the exterior panelling also means that cracks, chips, and other surface blemishes that may occur over time will be less noticeable. The finished product is left to air dry at room temperature meaning no energy is expended during the finishing process.

Why not, talk with one our highly-experienced team members; we love to collaborate and craft unique solutions for your all your interior and exterior panelling needs.