World Leader in Interior Wall Paneling

While interior design continues to advance aesthetics all around the world, science and technology have enhanced the types of materials available and how we utilise them. While historical monuments were made of traditional materials such as heavy stones and woods, today we can get the classic look we want without the expense and labour of moving stone across the globe. Interior decorative wall panels give designers flexibility when creating unique looks for their clients. Interior panelling can also have functional uses such as dividing a room to split room functions or partitioning a section of a room for a specified purpose. StoniniTM has become the world leader in interior wall paneling innovation by combining their flair for interior design with a winning eco-friendly process that surpasses all competitors. When you partner with StoniniTM, you’ll get hand-crafted, long-lasting, surface panelling that can stand the test of time even in high traffic areas. You’ve probably seen our work in lobbies, business offices, hospitals, bars, and even homes all around town.

Lightweight Interior Textured Wall Panels

What’s better than elegant stone and wood accents? Lightweight renditions that are easier and safer to install have little impact on the global environment and saves the project owner money. Our interior wall paneling is pest-, bacteria-, and UV-resistant allowing for a broad range of possible applications. Installation is quick and easy with on-site cut-to-size fitting and adhesive application. Corners and columns are no problem for our flexible interior decorative wall panels, and we love to work with designers and architects to craft customised looks for any space. Our products, including our interior textured wall panels, are durable, long-lasting, and made of a mixture of non-toxic, petroleum-free, environmentally friendly substances.

StoniniTM Champions of Clean Manufacturing

We are committed to continual advancement in eco-preservation. We start by using ingredients that are safe and sustainably sourced from the natural environment. Our process is handcrafted so that we can control our waste and provide our customers with individualised one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to wow their guests. We mix only enough material required for the interior panelling job at hand, and we use special moulds designed to prevent spillage waste. At the end of a project, we keep any excess off-cuts to use as examples of our interior decorative wall panels for our gallery. By mixing the paint in with the ingredients, we fortify the look of your panelling so that chips, cracks, and other small blemishes are not noticeable. Our system creates no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or odour emissions and pieces are dried naturally at room temperature to avoid energy waste. We repeatedly recycle our water until it is saturated with paint and resin before we send it to an accredited water waste recycling company for proper treatment. This process keeps harmful dyes out of the environment and allows our interior, textured wall panels to be customisable in colour, as well as shape and size so that you can create unique looks that tie together elegantly. While this eco-friendly product is safe for both landfill and controlled burn disposal, the durability and quality of our products allow us to encourage you to repaint our interior wall paneling for a fresh look and added longevity to your product.