Transform Your Interior Décor with Decorative Wood Panels For Walls

Revamping a property can be challenging, whether you’re redecorating every room in your home or modernising the presentation of a shopping centre. There are many factors you need to consider to achieve the look you desire, and you also need to think about the environmental impact of what you buy as well as purchase materials that will survive for years with minimum maintenance. If you want to make a small difference that will transform your property’s overall aesthetic appeal, you need to focus your attention on the focal points, namely, your walls.

Some people like the look of real stone or wood walls, but stone can be costly to purchase and install while some wood species are highly combustible. Plus, depending on which wall you intend to decorate, stone or wood might be too heavy. Fortunately, cladded panels made from organic and sustainable materials look no different to the real thing if your purchase from a reputable manufacturer. If you buy textured wood panelling for walls from us, you can feel confident you’ll have something unique as well as attractive.

At Stonini™, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing decorative wood wall panels since 2002, and thanks to the beauty and high-quality of our products, we’ve grown to become a global distributor. We manipulate every panel we create by hand to ensure each is entirely unique, giving you the chance to inject some originality as well as modern style into your property. Because we use sustainable, durable, and high-grade materials, you can feel confident that you’re buying eco-friendly panelling that’s built to last.

Modern and Stylish Wood Wall Panelling

For over 15 years, commercial and residential property owners alike have trusted our products to bring out the best in their home’s style, and we can ship Australia wide. Additionally, because our products are textured, they look authentic and blend with the natural harmony of your surroundings. From decorative wood panels to 3D stone and concrete effects, we have the perfect panels to match your desired style, and because we care just as much about product safety as beauty, all our panelling has a Class 1 Fire Rating. Here are some more reasons why people place their trust in our textured wood wall panels:

  • Complex shapes – We can cut our panels to size and attach them to almost any wall regardless of curvature or shape.
  • Textured patterns – We want our wood panelling to look authentic, which is why they’re textured to look indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • We have a broad selection of products – We know that everybody has a different image in mind when revamping their property, which is why we have an extensive product selection so you can find the perfect panels for you.

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Here at Stonini™, we’re always on hand to answer questions and offer advice as well as help you find the right panels for your establishment. Our customer service levels are just as high quality as our products, so contact us today to speak to one of our friendly professionals.