Calypso Sand

Calypso 3D Wall Panels

 Introducing Stonini’s Calypso Sand 3D Wall Panels—a distinct iteration of our iconic Calypso line, imbued with the tactile richness of natural sand. Boasting dimensions of 1800mm by 600mm, and a profile thickness that varies between 10-13mm, Calypso Sand adds an entirely new layer of sensory depth to the world of interior design.

Retaining the original Calypso’s chunky, linear layout and carved stone-like sections, Calypso Sand elevates the experience with its subtle, fine-grained sand texture. The surface invites touch, echoing the sensation of walking barefoot on a sandy beach, where each grain offers its own unique contour. Fine routed lines segment the organic, sandy topography, creating a fascinating interplay of textures—smooth and granular, regular and irregular—that beg to be explored both visually and tactilely.

Calypso Sand is an excellent choice for environments seeking to offer a multisensory experience, such as expansive open areas, shopping centers, and various hospitality interiors, including luxury hotels, opulent resorts, and expansive conference halls. Its organic, textured surface harmonizes particularly well with natural light, where the fine grains capture and disperse luminosity in an ever-changing pattern of light and shadow.

The durability and varying thickness of Calypso Sand ensure it is not only an aesthetically pleasing choice but a practical one as well. Customizable with an acrylic Dulux shade of your choosing, these panels offer versatility in color without sacrificing their textured, grainy feel.

Discover Stonini’s Calypso Sand 3D Wall Panels—a sophisticated amalgamation of the organic and the engineered, where the tactile complexity of sandy grains meets the aesthetic rhythm of linear design. In Calypso Sand, we present an evolutionary leap in textured wall solutions, providing a canvas for the most adventurous and intricate of design visions.


Panel Specifications

Length: 1800mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 10-13mm
Weight: ≈15kg

Technical Details:

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