Delta Sandstone

Stonini™ Delta decorative wall panels are flat-surfaced textured panels with colouration and patterning to emulate marble, limestone, sandstone and other materials without the weight, fragility or installation challenges.

The colour and pattern can be subtle or pronounced depending on your desired look. The colour is hand-manipulated making every panel unique.

Stonini™ Delta wall panels have aesthetic and practical appeal:

  • Hand manipulation in the fabrication process gives a unique textured look
  • Lightweight and flexible – they can even be curved
  • Cost-effective and functional
  • Easy to cut on-site and quick to install
  • Hardwearing and easy to maintain

Panel Specifications

Length: 1800mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: ≈14kg

Technical Details:

Delta Sandstone Technical Sheet


Delta Sandstone Installation Data

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