Formed Pitted Concrete

Introducing our Formed Pitted Concrete panel, a testament to artistry and innovation. Exclusively crafted in Sydney, Australia, each of these faux concrete wall panels with tie holes is handmade, offering unique and subtle variations that embody the essence of bespoke design. Architects and interior designers will marvel at the realistic texture, reminiscent of interior concrete walls, yet elevated by the decorative allure of our concrete wall panels.

Lightweight yet sturdy, these panels boast the rugged beauty of concrete without the drawbacks. Experience no cracking and the ease of cutting and installing, streamlining any project. The non-combustible nature assures safety without compromising style. Embrace the future of interior design with our decorative concrete wall panels — each piece a unique work of art, ensuring your designs stand out with authenticity and innovation.

Key Features:

  • Hand-Crafted in Sydney, Australia: Assuring top-notch quality with a touch of bespoke elegance.
  • Unique Design: Every panel is hand-made, featuring subtle variations.
  • Lightweight: Facilitates easier handling and installation.
  • No Cracking: Engineered for durability, ensuring a long-lasting pristine look.
  • Easy to Cut and Install: Streamlining the design process for professionals.
  • Non-Combustible: Prioritizing safety without compromising aesthetic appeal.
  • Ideal for Architects & Interior Designers: Tailored to meet the discerning needs of design professionals.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1800mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 12mm
Weight: ≈14kg


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