Sydney’s Highest Quality 3D Wall Panels

Issey 3d wall panel brings a harmonious and textured elegance to modern interiors, offering a unique design characterised by its fine regular lines hand-sculpted with meticulous precision. The highly textured yet even finish of the panel offers a calming and cohesive visual appeal, bringing an element of tranquility and depth to any space.

Key Features

  • Fine Regular Lines: Issey wall panel mesmerizes with its very fine, regular lines, each carved by hand to create a masterpiece of textured brilliance.
  • Highly Textured Yet Even Finish: Despite its rich texture, “Issey” offers an even finish, devoid of peaks and troughs, presenting a wall surface that is both vibrant and harmonious.
  • Meticulous Hand Sculpting: Embrace the artistry of “Issey”, where every line stands as a testament to the meticulous hand sculpting that brings a personal touch to each panel.
  • Adaptive Wall Solution: Issey offers the flexibility to complement various design aesthetics, making it a versatile choice for diverse interior projects.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1795mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 9-12mm
Weight: ≈14kg

Technical Details:

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