For Designers & Architects

Embrace the limitless possibilities of custom design with Stonini™ Wall Panels – an exclusive hub for Designers and Architects. As a leading Australian Manufacturer of Decorative Wall Panels, we meld cutting-edge technology with the finesse of artisan craftsmanship providing a canvas for interior designers and architects to manifest their unique design ideas.

What We Offer:

  • Adaptability: Our wall panels are engineered to bring even the most complex architectural concepts to life.
  • Customization: A spectrum of colors, textures, and patterns are at your fingertips, allowing for unique and personalized spaces.
  • Durability: Designed for resilience, Stonini™ panels withstand the demands of both high-traffic commercial environments and refined residential spaces.
  • Compliance: Prioritizing safety, our panels adhere to stringent fire regulations, assuring project compliance and client safety.
  • Maintenance: Crafted for longevity, our panels are simple to repair and maintain, ensuring lasting aesthetics.
  • Design Freedom: We offer custom dimensions that defy standard limitations, inspiring innovation in design.

Custom Design Process for Stonini™ Wall Panels:

We specialize in creating wall panels that fit your unique ideas, perfect for architects and interior designers looking for that special touch. Our straightforward process ensures your custom panels are made just right and delivered on time. Experience the ease of working with a local Australian brand dedicated to quality and style. Here’s how we do it:

  • Initial Consultation:
    • Engage in a detailed discussion about the proposed design.
    • Review initial concept drawings or sketches.
  • Design Refinement:
    • Adjust the panel design considering practicality and manufacturability.
    • Address any limitations due to materials or manufacturing capabilities.
  • Prototyping:
    • Create a prototype based on the refined design.
    • Present the prototype for client review and feedback.
  • Approval and Production Planning:
    • Finalize the design after incorporating feedback and gaining approval on the prototype.
    • Discuss and agree upon production deadlines and delivery schedules.
    • Plan delivery in stages if necessary to match installation capabilities and manufacturing output.
  • Manufacturing Commencement:
    • Start production once all details are confirmed and approved by the client.

Standard Panel Ordering Process:

  • Design Confirmation:
    • Confirm the chosen panel design and specifications.
  • Order Quantification:
    • Finalize the quantity of panels needed for the project.
  • Packaging and Delivery:
    • Discuss and arrange appropriate packaging to protect the panels.
    • Choose the best delivery options to ensure timely and safe arrival.

Contact and Samples:

  • Reach out to Stonini™ to:
    • Schedule a showroom visit.
    • Request samples for client presentations or for creating material boards.

Benefits of Local Manufacturing for Australian Designers and Architects:

  • Logistical Advantages:
    • Reduced shipping times and costs due to proximity.
    • Easier to coordinate delivery schedules and handle last-minute changes.
  • Collaboration and Support:
    • Direct communication with the manufacturer for custom designs.
    • Better after-sales support and quicker response to inquiries.
  • Quality Control:
    • Higher quality standards due to local manufacturing regulations.
    • Easier to address any issues with product quality directly.
  • Sustainability:
    • Lower carbon footprint associated with transportation.
    • Support for local economy and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Stonini™ Wall Panels: Igniting Design Potential

Stonini™ wall panels redefine design boundaries, allowing your creativity to soar. Each panel stands as a testament to our dedication to quality, beauty, and sustainability.

We extend a warm invitation to all Designers and Architects to explore the myriad possibilities with Stonini™ Wall Panels. Together, we can fashion spaces that are as environmentally friendly as they are stunning.

Ready to elevate your designs with our extraordinary panels? Get in touch today and let’s embark on a journey to create design marvels!