Unveiling Stonini’s Earth Range’s latest innovation: the Barro Wall Panel—an embodiment of nature’s nuanced artistry, crafted for sophisticated design connoisseurs. With dimensions tailored to your project’s needs, Barro beckons a closer look, promising to be more than just a surface but a tactile experience that enlivens the senses.

Barro brings the aesthetic profundity of the Earth’s cracked surface into your interiors. Imagine the rich, complex tapestry of a parched earth, each fissure and fracture telling a story of natural evolution. This is what Barro delivers—a network of delicate, intricately woven cracks running throughout the panel, an organic texture that hints at the timeless processes of our planet. The resultant texture is not merely visual; it offers an authentic tactile experience, inviting touch as much as it captivates the eye.

In keeping with the Earth Range’s commitment to an earthy color palette, Barro can be supplied in its raw form, beautifully colored with natural oxides that emphasize its textured depth. But for those who desire a splash of individuality, we offer the option to customize Barro with an almost unlimited range of Dulux shades, allowing you to create a statement piece that mirrors your unique design vision.

With Barro, the possibilities are as endless as the landscapes it seeks to emulate. Here is an invitation to push the boundaries of what wall art can be—to blend the organic with the engineered, the rugged with the refined. These panels are more than just a visual feast; they are a testament to Stonini’s unrivaled craftsmanship, ensuring that your space won’t merely be observed but felt and lived in.

Step into a world where nature’s grandeur meets human ingenuity. With Barro from Stonini’s Earth Range, you’re not just designing a space; you’re curating an environment, one that promises enduring beauty and resonates with all who enter.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1800mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: ≈14kg


Barro Installation Data

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