Calypso 3D Wall Panels

 Introducing Stonini’s “Calypso” 3D Wall Panels—a design marvel destined to revolutionize large interior spaces. Sized at 1800mm by 600mm with a thickness varying between 10-13mm, Calypso offers a compelling design solution that is both aesthetic and versatile.

With its chunky, linear design and intricately carved stone-like sections separated by fine routed lines, Calypso evokes the rhythms and patterns found in natural geological formations. Each panel is a veritable piece of sculpture, offering a dynamic visual interplay of light and shadow, rough and smooth, pattern and irregularity. The end result is an architectural statement piece that brings life and texture to your walls.

Ideal for applications where the design narrative calls for grandiosity, Calypso finds its place in large open spaces, shopping centers, and an array of hospitality interiors—from high-end hotels and luxury resorts to convention centers and grand banquet halls. Its imposing yet refined profile adds both depth and character to expansive spaces, enriching them without overwhelming.

The textured surface and varying thickness of Calypso offer a visually stunning yet functionally robust architectural solution. Whether you choose to retain the panel’s natural tones or opt for a custom acrylic Dulux shade, Calypso stands as a testament to the art of interior design, providing a tactile experience that is as engaging as its visual allure.

Discover Stonini’s “Calypso” 3D Wall Panels—a masterclass in architectural storytelling where the organic meets the engineered, and where fine detailing contrasts with chunky, well-defined elements. In Calypso, we offer you a grand stage upon which to cast your most ambitious design visions.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1800mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 10-13mm
Weight: ≈15kg

Technical Details:

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