Rammed Earth Char

Introducing Stonini’s Rammed Earth Wall Panels in the striking Char variant—an artistic blend of bold contrasts and textural nuances, crafted for the most discerning of design professionals. With dimensions of 1850mm by 750mm, these panels offer a compelling canvas that elevates your architectural projects to new heights.

Infused with Iron Oxides, the Char colorway is dark and intense, imbuing the panel with an aura of strength and refinement. Yet, as light interacts with the panel’s complex, irregular patterns, it reveals lighter tones—creating a captivating chiaroscuro effect that engages the senses.

Much like its Sand counterpart, the Rammed Earth Char panel is both textured and grainy, but what sets it apart is its transformative interaction with light. The well-defined design features catch light in unexpected ways, illuminating subtle shades and underlining the panel’s inherent complexity.

Despite their robust aesthetic, these panels remain surprisingly lightweight and adaptable, maintaining a slim 12mm profile. This feature allows for seamless application onto existing plasterboard or masonry walls, making these panels an ideal choice for both retrofit and new projects.

Choose to either seal these panels with a clear finish to amplify their organic complexity, or opt for a custom acrylic Dulux shade that complements the Char’s unique characteristics. Either way, you’re presented with an uneven, yet slick, surface that invites touch and demands attention.

Discover Stonini’s Rammed Earth Wall Panels in Char—a masterstroke in modern design that blurs the lines between the natural and the engineered, the organic and the refined. It’s not just a panel; it’s an invitation to push the boundaries of what interior architecture can be.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1850mm
Width: 750mm
Thickness: 9-12mm
Weight: ≈17kg


Rammed Earth Char Installation Data

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