Rammed Earth Ochre

Presenting Stonini’s Rammed Earth Wall Panels in our standout Ochre variant—an architectural masterpiece designed for visionaries in the realm of interior design. Measuring 1850mm by 750mm, these panels don’t just complement your space; they become its conversation starter.

The Rammed Earth Ochre panels capture the eye with their rich and vibrant hue, an intoxicating blend of reddish clay and reddish-brown tones. Evocative of the Australian outback’s natural iron oxide deposits, these panels bring the untamed beauty of nature into the curated world of contemporary design. The textured, fine-grained surface captures and reflects light, revealing a well-defined, irregular pattern that celebrates the blend of earthy colors.

In spite of their visual weight, these panels are deceptively lightweight and maintain a sleek 12mm profile. Such practicality ensures a smooth installation onto plasterboard or masonry walls, allowing the rich Ochre design to amplify spaces without overwhelming them.

You have the option to seal these panels with a clear finish, magnifying their organic splendor, or to paint them with a Dulux shade that heightens their inherent richness. Either choice leaves you with a textured, uneven surface that beckons closer inspection and invites touch, adding a tactile dimension to its visual allure.

Explore Stonini’s Rammed Earth Wall Panels in Ochre—a tour-de-force in design that balances the organic with the engineered, the rough with the refined. In a landscape of muted tones and subdued designs, let Ochre be your bold statement, your vision of what interior architecture can dare to be.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1850mm
Width: 750mm
Thickness: 9-12mm
Weight: ≈17kg


Rammed Earth Ochre Installation Data

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