Rammed Earth Sand

Introducing Stonini’s Rammed Earth Wall Panels in the captivating Sand color, a nuanced offering meticulously engineered for those with a discerning eye for design. Measuring at 1850mm by 750mm, these panels deliver an extraordinarily textured, fine-grained aesthetic that brings subtle complexity to any interior space.

Formulated with Iron Oxides, the Sand base color is enriched to evoke an organic, earth-toned texture that is both refined and imperfect. The light dances across the panel’s well-defined, irregular patterns, creating a captivating interplay of tones—an intricate design feature that will surely engage both architects and interior designers.

While these panels give the impression of structural rammed earth walls, they boast a mere 12mm thickness. This lightweight construction, robust yet thin, allows for seamless integration onto existing plasterboard or masonry walls, offering a strong, refined design solution without the bulk of traditional materials.

What sets the Sand-colored Rammed Earth panels apart is their adaptability. Whether sealed with a clear finish to preserve their natural elegance or custom-painted in an acrylic Dulux shade, they maintain an evocative, uneven surface that adds depth and character to your projects.

With Stonini’s Rammed Earth Wall Panels in Sand, redefine what it means to integrate the organic and the engineered, the raw and the refined. This product invites you to explore new frontiers in interior design, where texture, color, and light converge in a spectacular dance of design possibilities.

Panel Specifications

Length: 1850mm
Width: 750mm
Thickness: 9-12mm
Weight: ≈17kg


Rammed Earth Sand Installation Data

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