Stonini™ Concrete Wall Panels For Sale

Concrete Smooth wall panel from Stonini Concrete Range

Concrete Smooth

Formed pitted concrete with tie holes wall panel from Stonini Concrete Range

Formed Pitted Concrete

Industrial concrete wall panel with a board form look from Stonini Concrete Range

Industrial Concrete

Industrial pitted Concrete wall panel from Stonini Concrete Range

Industrial Concrete Pitted

Pitted concrete raw finish from Stonini Concrete Wall Panels Range

Pitted Concrete

Hormigon Picado Chico concrete wall panel with rust bars from Stonini Concrete Range

Hormigon Picado Chico

Hormigon Picado Grande concrete wall panel with rust bars from Stonini Concrete Range

Hormigon Picado Grande

Why buy Concrete Wall Panels for Your Next Project?

The innovative material technology applied in Stonini™ Concrete wall panels makes it possible to have the look without the weight, inflexibility and onsite logistical problems of actual concrete. Our beautiful, eco-friendly alternative is unique with its hand-crafted cladding, lightweight build, and flexible structure, which complement each other to ensure great ease when installing. This means anyone can buy them. Whether aiming to purchase for a café in Brisbane and throwing a chilled look upon your walls or attempting to create a unique office space in Melbourne, every environment can benefit from this product.

No cracking. No expanding. No mess!

Stonini™ Concrete wall panels can be purchased in two different textures: concrete or industrial, and in two finishes, flat or with a gentle shine. We also offer the option of form-cast concrete, alongside the opportunity to create fully custom designs tailored to your unique specifications.

At the cutting edge of modern design, our wall panels move beyond their durable and reliable structure, to double function as stylish introductions into any renovated or newly developed area. Not only will they be non-combustible, insect repellent, and waterproof, but they remain unlimited with the potential style and colour options, meaning endless opportunities for creative customisation.

We also offer 3D wall panels which are equally stunning that you might be interested in.

Concrete wall cladding from Stonini is versatile and panels look incredible:

How to Buy Stonini Concrete Panels?

Ordering your Stonini™ concrete wall panels is a seamless process designed to cater to your unique project needs. Whether you’re reaching out to our sales team via email or phone, here’s what you’ll need to provide to ensure a smooth transaction:

By providing this information upfront, our team can assist you more efficiently in providing an accurate quote and ensuring that your order meets all your expectations and arrives ready for installation.

Where to buy concrete wall panels from Stonini?

Whether you’re looking to buy in bulk for a large-scale project or seeking a few panels for a more intimate setting, our direct-from-factory option ensures that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Made to order, each panel is a testament to our commitment to quality and individual preference. From bespoke sizes to unique finishes, our factory in Sydney is equipped to bring your ideas to life.

To purchase the panels simply reach out with your specifications—including size, finish, and any special requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that each panel perfectly aligns with your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Concrete wall panels from Stonini are much cheaper than traditional precast concrete slabs. The price depends on the order quantity and customisations. Contact Stonini Wall Panels today for pricing.

Traditional precast concrete panels are approximately 200mm thick. Stonini concrete panels are less than 10mm thick and weigh only 14kg/sqm.