Creative Style Plus Utility with a Custom Wall Panel

Lobbies are high-traffic locations where people often find themselves waiting. While no one enjoys delays, creating an environment that is aesthetically appealing can relieve some of the tension associated with this inevitable part of life. Custom wall panels throughout Australia highlight venue and/or owner themes, character and style and are being used to turn drab waiting areas into elegant lounge spaces. Use as a decoration or to perform a functional purpose such as dividing a room or creating a designated area for a specified activity. Established in 2002, StoniniTM has become the international namesake for eco-friendly custom wall panelling. We are committed to manufacturing custom wall panels that are durable, uniquely hand-crafted, and have a low impact on our environment through the practice of responsible sourcing and waste management.

Multiple Uses for Custom Wall Paneling

Our custom wall panels are manufactured in dimensions that create the least waste when cut to size on-site. They are flexible and therefore able to adhere to most substrates, even columns. You can find our work in our online product gallery or displayed in hotels, business offices, behind bars, ceilings, apartment buildings, and as stylish decorative exterior panelling. Order a single lightweight and easy to install custom wall panel to divide and/or accent a room, or create a theme for the whole building with custom wall panels made in Australia. Installation is quick and easy with the utilisation of adhesive instead of unappealing bolts and screws. Our panels are resistant to termites, pests, bacteria and UV rays making them ideal for use in any climate. When you collaborate with StoniniTM, you know you are getting premium design quality from a producer committed to minimising their impact on the planet.

StoniniTM : Commitment to Eco-Friendliness

While other companies spend time brainstorming cost-effective solutions to eco-friendly operations, we make environmental protection a core value apparent in every step of our process. Raw materials for our custom wall panelling are 99% naturally derived, completely free of petroleum, and no aspect of our process creates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). End products carry a Class-1 fire rating meaning they do not combust and are fire-resistant. These features make our product safe for both landfill and controlled burn disposal. Each custom wall panel is cut to size minimising waste and moulds are designed to prevent spillage. When containers for custom wall panels need rinsing, the water is repeatedly recycled until fully saturated before it’s picked up by an accredited water waste recycling company. The final drying stage is done by air at room temperatures. Our product is durable and meant to last. Although original paint colour is mixed into the ingredients at manufacturing, we encourage repainting to achieve a fresh look as opposed to disposal so that you get the most out of your investment while minimising waste. Our custom wall panels make Australian places of business shine with individual character. Talk with our experienced staff of designers about ideas, locations, and customisation options.