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We all care about our home’s appearance because it’s where we spend our free time and create memories with the family, but you need to put just as much thought into your business’s interior décor if you want to stay ahead of the competition. You might not need to focus on style with an office to the extent that you do a bar or restaurant, but still need to ensure clients like what they see and know you do your part to keep your environment up to date. However, if you run an establishment that’s open to the public, conveying an ultra-stylish image is a must.

If now is the time to revamp your property, and you want to make some small changes that will have a significant impact on the place’s overall aesthetic appeal, you ought to pay attention to your walls. The style of your walls sets the tone for the image you wish to convey, but regardless of what that image is, you can’t go wrong with decorative wall panels. You don’t have to invest in heavy stone cladding to achieve an authentic look, nor do you need to install real wood walls that pose a safety risk due to being combustible.

Here at Stonini™, we design and manufacture top of the range decorative wall panels in Australia, but we also distribute them worldwide because of their immense popularity. Since 2002, we’ve been creating innovative and fresh styles for all types of business, whether you’re a customer-facing establishment or a corporate office. We want to help modernise your business with the highest-grade decorative wall panelling on the market, and with such a vast range of products available, we have something perfect for you.

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Decorative Wall Panels for Any Purpose

We create cladding that conveys a realistic image of a broad range of materials, including concrete, wood, and stone. Also, we have an incredible range of textured panels that offer a 3D appearance that never fails to impress. Whatever your requirements are, we’re here to serve, and customers worldwide trust us for the following reasons:

  • Authenticity – Some people avoid cladding and wall panels because they assume they’re not unique. While low-quality products often replicate designs and patterns and fail to look credible, our paneling is hand manipulated to ensure no two items are the same. Moreover, as you can see from our product range, our panels look indistinguishable from materials such as concrete, wood, and stone.
  • Eco-friendly – At StoniniTM, we care about doing our part for the environment, which is why we source organic, sustainable materials to manufacture our breathtaking decorative panels.
  • Safety and durability – Because our products are lightweight, they can be installed on almost any wall or ceiling without putting the structural integrity of your building at risk.

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Contact Stonini Wall Panels today if you’d like to know more about our incredible, range of wall panels, and our friendly professionals will be delighted to have a chat. Alternatively, browse our extensive product selection online to find the perfect decorative wall panels for you.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of installing the wall panels depends on the:

  • Wall size
  • Wall substrate ( is the substrate ready for installation)? If not the cost of installing an appropriate substrate or fixing the existing one needs to be included.
  • The complexity of the install (are there any power points or other cut-outs necessary) are panels prepainted or need to be painted onsite?
  • Location and accessibility of the site

The typical cost of materials per square meter is $260 + installation

1. Measure the installation area Measure the wall from the ceiling to the base and calculate the number of panels required for each wall section

2. Use a laser level to mark the straight baseline, which is the guide for starting the installation. Rest the support board on the floor and use various size spacers whenever required to make sure it is leveled. The board acts as a support for the first row of panels

3. Start installing the panels from left to right. Make sure the 3D wall panes follow the pattern if the design is continuous. Before applying the glue, check if the panel doesn’t require cutting

4. Wait for the glue to set on the bottom row, continue installation and repeat all the steps on the upper rows. For more information visit decorative 3d wall panels installation guide by Stonini.

That depends on the quality of the material used. There are cheap MDF or bamboo pulp wall panels available on the market but these will not last and are easily damaged. Quality wall panels made from acrylic resin or ceramic can be costly but are durable, fire resistant and will last forever.

Yes, decorative wall panels can be installed directly over studs. The best systems to use as a support for decorative wall panels are Rhondo steel wall framings as they provide additional horizontal support for the panels.