The Next Big Interior and Exterior cladding Material

Whether you want to spruce up an interior accent wall or want to design fabulous house exterior, choosing decorative 3d wall panels is definitely the best option. They’re basically a decorative wall cladding material whose surface features various 3-dimensional textures, patterns, and designs. They’re great for designing unique statement walls, gorgeous house elevations, and even have some amazing soundproofing properties.

Stonini is a 3D wall panel manufacturer that delivers the best options in this genre offering different panel designs that span the gamut of distinct patterns, mimic authentic material textures such as wood, concrete, sandstone, etc. and is eco-friendly as well. An average Stonini decorative wall panel is lightweight and weighs around 14kg/sqm.

Exterior 3D Rhythm Panels - Stonini

Further, let’s take a look at what makes Stonini 3D wall panels so desirable for interiors and exteriors:

  1. Customizable options
    The best part about shopping with Stonini is that each 3D wall panel is made to order and is easily available in both Australia as well as overseas. Moreover, you can also customize the products to suit your spaces and needs. Stonini allows you to personalize the design, texture, size, and colour of any product. Other than that, the non-toxic composition of the panels also makes them eco-friendly. This distinguishes them from other such businesses by a landslide.
  2. Great durability and termite resistance
    Many people worry about their wall cladding succumbing to a termite attack or a rodent infestation when using certain materials. However, Stonini has made sure that their 3D decorative wall panels are the epitome of durable. The material composition ensures that wherever and however you use these panels, they’ll never be susceptible to either rodents or termites. This resistance makes them the best materials to clad your exterior and interior walls.
  3. UV stable
    The biggest point of contention while using any material in a house exterior is how well it can fare against the sun – whether it’ll start weathering soon, when it might get old, or start cracking away. However, that’s not a problem that you’ll face with Stonini’s exterior wall panels. That’s because this particular exterior cladding is absolutely UV stable. And if it starts looking weather-worn, you can easily paint it over with any water-based acrylic paint.
  4. Cost-effective choice
    One of the most attractive qualities of Stonini interior and exterior wall panels is that they are a cost-effective cladding option. Their consistent appearance allows them to be installed over concrete walls or rough-hewn brick surfaces. They basically eliminate the need for final finishing materials on the walls they’re being installed on.Moreover, these panels are also easy to install and require only light dusting or the occasional water-soap wiping for regular maintenance. All of this helps save thousands of dollars on finishes, labour costs and final touch-ups, which makes this wall cladding material the ultimate cost-effective choice.
  5. Excellent handcraftsmanship
    Stonini 3D wall panels are designed from composite material, and the process requires some professional hand-craftsmanship during the manufacturing. This criterion lends these wall cladding panels an organic quality. The universality and timelessness of each panel category is thanks to the fact that the artisans who craft them are well-versed in the latest interior design trends. Therefore, no matter what style or theme you’re trying to complement – be it modern, classical, traditional, eclectic, or more – Stonini’s got you covered in every aspect of interior design.
  6. Versatile usability
    3D wall panels come in unlimited colours, textures, and styles. This makes them highly suitable for both exterior as well as interior design purposes. They can be installed on home elevations to add distinctive depth and visual dimension to the exterior design.

Exterior 3D Wall Panels - Stonini

These panels are also perfect for adding some creativity to simple and straightforward interior designs. They can be used to spruce up statement walls, ramp up a media wall design, create a great backdrop, and be used to accent an empty space. These panels can also be used in commercial, corporate, and retail spaces.

Stonini’s vast range consists of every kind of a decorative wall panel that you’ll ever need for your interior walls and is also an amazing exterior cladding material that can bring any project to life!