Exquisite Textured and Decorative Timber Panelling For Walls

Architects and interior designers are always searching for materials to create unique looks for homes and businesses that will not break the bank. Stonini offers exactly that with our textured timber wall panels. Our Eco-Pine materials look and feel like real wood. They do have several advantages over real wood, though.

First, they offer you several design options. They can be curved to fit rounded pillars in homes or offices. They are durable and have a high fire safety rating to prevent combustion. Our timber wall paneling is less expensive than real wood, and it is lighter, too. The reduced weight keeps shipping costs low and lessens the burden on your building’s foundation.

Durability and functionality are key elements when designing a home, and Stonini products offer endless possibilities. You can use our timber paneling for walls, countertops, doors, and more. They are suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors, are mould resistant, and do not warp due to heat or moisture.

Another excellent aspect of our timber wall panels is their textured surface. Too often people associate paneling with a flat, sleek look that in no way represents actual wood. Our timber wall products, however, subvert that perception due to their grainy surface and 3D textures. Guests walking into your home will not know they are not looking at real wood.

Textured Timber Wall Panels for Homes, Offices, and More

Stonini products are found throughout Australia in residences, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, cafes, and more. Chances are you have seen our wall panelling products and thought they were real wood. Our decorative timber wall panels are an excellent way to add character to the interior or exterior of any building. Fire and weather resistant materials ensure your newly installed exterior paneling will last for many years.

Add a sense of style to your business with timber paneling for walls at a fraction of the price of the real thing. Wood can lend a homey, relaxed atmosphere to rooms and could help people loosen up, making our products perfect for doctor’s offices, fine dining establishments, and more. Create a warm place for your clients with our timber wall material.

Great Looking with a Low Environmental Impact

One of the biggest advantages for architects and designers Stonini timber paneling for walls has over natural wood products is its environmental friendliness. Before wood can be used in construction, lumberjacks must harvest it, and millers have to process it. These actions create significant eco-waste and result in damage to the environment. Our products provide an excellent eco-friendly alternative.

If you are an architect or interior designer concerned with reducing the environmental impact of your projects, contact Stonini right away. We have a large selection of decorative timber wall panels for you to choose from, all of which are friendly to the environment. We are confident that we have the panels that will help you realise your unique design vision.