Nicci Pumice Lava

Unveil the Dramatic Essence of Nicci Pumice Lava.

Sharing the same captivating texture as our beloved Nicci Pumice Coffee Liqueur and Nicci Pumice Flow, this particular design ignites spaces with its rich, volcanic rock-inspired colors.

Why Choose Nicci Pumice Lava for Your Next Stone Wall Decor Project?

Nicci Pumice Lava stands alone in its category, offering a thrilling blend of unique texture and coloration. The dark volcanic rock hues, accented by subtle veining of burgundy red, deliver a luxurious aesthetic and a dynamic visual contrast.

Core Features:

  • Volcanic Rock Colors: Nicci Pumice Lava enthralls with its dark hues resembling volcanic rock, providing a one-of-a-kind look and atmosphere.
  • Subtle Burgundy Veining: Random streaks of burgundy red dance across the surface, adding another layer of depth to these already striking panels.
  • Multifaceted Use: Ideal for both interior and exterior spaces, Nicci Pumice Lava enhances any architectural or design project with unmatched versatility.
  • Pumicestone Finish: Like its siblings, the hand-sculpted pumicestone finish contributes an organic, rock-like texture that’s visually appealing and touch-friendly.
  • Lightweight Construction: Despite their intricate designs, these panels are as lightweight as they are strong, making for easy installation and long-lasting beauty.
  • Panel Specifications

    Length: 1800mm
    Width: 600mm
    Thickness: 7-12mm
    Weight: ≈14kg


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