3D Panels for Hospitality Interiors

Interior décor trends, just like fashion, keep changing. 3D wall panels are a new yet interesting technology in wall décor. Textured wall décor gives hotels interiors a creative yet simple lifelike appearance.  They add elegance to rooms, giving the walls a unique look.

Whether 3D wall panels are used in homes or hotel interiors, they give them a distinct and appealing character. Create a focal point in the rooms to create flow and guide decoration of the rest of the space. Available in various sizes, styles, materials, shapes and patterns, with the ability to be painted, there’re wall panels for every personality, theme and style out there.

3D wall panels transform hotel rooms from simple spaces into exceptional interiors with extraordinary character. The right panels can give hotel lobbies eye-catching surfaces with an inspiring look. The versatile nature of the panels mean uniform or non-uniform textures and designs can act as dividing walls, visually connecting interior spaces and creating an attractive pattern.

Reception areas decorated with wood single-panels exhibit inviting and charming surfaces with a warm touch. The need for privacy in hotel rooms goes without saying. The panels diffuse sounds to give guests privacy from sounds and noises coming from other rooms.

Different shapes of panels can be used on the same wall to give a mix and match look for enhanced appeal. Panels upholstered in stylish fabrics aren’t just decorative, but also functional. They can act as bed headboards if installed to cover an entire wall to create an oversized panel. They can also add abstract, geometrical designs to hotel rooms in accentuating colors.

Custom lighting can be installed in hidden areas in rooms to highlight the unique characteristics of the 3D panels (beauty and depth) in use for a cozy look and feel. The use of two accent walls make rooms in the hospitality industry cool and stylish. The accent walls can be in different or similar colors, and geometrically installed to solve a puzzle.

Versatile 3D panels allow for creativity with unlimited possibilities and timeless, luxurious looks. The simple panel designs give hotel interiors elegant and striking looks with a dramatic effect. Transform bland spaces with colors and shapes into interesting, appealing interiors. Acoustic panels have a decorative effect that make rooms feel comfortable.

So, why choose 3D wall panels for hospitality interiors?

Despite the many benefits of 3D panels as discussed above, they’re also:

  • Cheap and durable, with a costly look due to lighting and color effects.
  • The hottest trend in hotels wall décor, meaning every guest walking into a hotel room is bound to like the decor.
  • The 3D panels are ideal for a wide application; this means they can also be used on furniture and ceilings, apart from walls.
  • The flexibility of wall panels make them suitable for all rooms in the house or hotel, be it the kitchen, living room, bedroom or toilet. It takes lots of creativity to use color effects and lighting to produce amazing results.
  • When used in spaces with less furniture, the panels attract all the attention of guests who walk into rooms for the first time.

3D Wall Panel - Stonini Rhythm
3D Wall Panels from Stonini behind the bar

Install repetitive patterns on relevant surfaces such as walls and use lighting to develop shadow and light patterns. The best 3D wall décor on the market is amazing, and transforms boring spaces into realistic interiors brought to life with resistant textures and patterns.

Choose Stonini 3D wall panels today to decorate your interior spaces in the hospitality industry for an attractive look and feel.