What are 3d Wall Panels?

3D wall panels are a type of decorative wall material with three-dimensional surface patterns and rectangular shape. They’re used to cover walls, making up visible or exposed wall surfaces. Designed for decorative and functional use, wall panels offer soundproofing and insulation, atop giving a uniform appearance.

Wall panels are built for durability and ease of installation and replacement. Although they’re available in varied sizes, the maximum dimension for commercially available panels is 2700mm x 600mm to enable easy transportation.

Designed to eliminate the need for adding a finishing material on walls or applying paint, 3D wall panels give a consistent appearance and reduce costs of construction. The panels are usually finished on a single side only because they’re often installed on concrete walls or bricks with rough surfaces.

The panels can also be assembled to a proper framework for use as walls. It’s possible to drill holes into 3D wall panels for wiring and installation of electrical outlets. The versatile panels can be made from different materials for installation in residential or commercial (shopping centers, hotels, retail space, offices, hospitality) buildings.

Decorative Wall Panels for Interior and Exterior Decoration

The decorative panels are made in various textures, designs, patterns carved into their surfaces and finishes, to meet varying customer needs. They make perfect interior design ideas and can be used as feature walls to relay a great impact in the appearance and feel of an interior or exterior space.

If used as feature walls, the wall panels act as a central focal point for guiding the rest of interior or exterior décor, or drawing guests’ attention. 3D wall panels used outdoors have waterproof properties.

The wall panels don’t just convert ordinary walls into dramatic surfaces with spectacular looks, but also save on thousands of dollars. The 3D panels are used on furniture such as small cabinets and doors used in entertainment areas such as bars. They also make spectacular bed heads and reception desk fronts.

They also find use as media/TV dividers, artworks and retail fit outs. The 3D panels add an extra dimension to walls, furniture, ceilings, fireplaces, etc.

Types of 3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels are categorized based on the materials used to make them as follows:

  • Wood 3D panels – made from wood chips to give a natural, warm look.
  • MDF 3D panels – made from fiberboards of medium density and resins. Cost-effective, attractive and can be painted for an improved appearance indoors.
  • Acrylic Polymer/Gypsum 3D panels – made from high-quality Gypsum and acrylic polymer are eco-friendly and can be moulded into varying structures and shapes. Ideal for use indoors atop illuminating ambience with lighting. Can be fully customized – from sizing to design, finish and colour.  Acrylic polymer panels can also be used for exterior projects.
  • Leather 3D panels – made from leather to add royal elegance indoors. They’re expensive and ideal for adding a luxurious ambience indoors.
  • PVC 3D panels – made from PVC and the most recent in the market. They’re affordable, light and installed on walls through gluing. They can also be varnished or painted for improved eye appeal.
  • Bamboo 3D panels – made from bamboo, the wall panels are light, the most affordable and eco-friendly.
  • Glass 3D panels – they’re made from toughened glass, making them costly
  • Metal 3D panels – made from metals and use illuminated metallic glint to add a unique ambience indoors. Aluminium is durable and practical.
  • Fabric 3D panels – made from premium, highly expensive material. They’re soft and delicate, hence requires special care. They’re made as tiles for use in luxury restaurants, night clubs, offices and casinos
  • Fibre 3D panels – made from sugarcane bagasse (fibrous residues of crushed stalks of sugarcane). They’re eco-friendly, compostable, easy to install, recyclable and 100% biodegradable.
  • Bricks 3D panels – made from bricks, they’re strong, weatherproof, rough, and have a dusty look. They offer protection for outdoor walls.
  • Stone 3D panels – made from stones, they’re all-weather and have a rustic look. They offer protection for outdoor walls.

PVC, stone, glass and brick panels are ideal for panelling wet interior spaces such as showers and kitchens. 3D wall panels give residences and offices a bright and elegant look with a touch of sophistication.

Why choose 3D Wall Panels

  • Panels protect walls and hide flaws.
  • They come in various colours, patterns, designs, core and textures to suit the need for different ambience and themes.
  • They’re customizable in terms of finish, design, routing, sizing and printing.
  • They’re easy to install and replace; strong adhesive can be used for gluing the panels onto walls.
  • They’re versatile for use in any interior space.
  • They’re easy to maintain; wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust on surfaces or clean with water and soap to maintain the panels’ charm.
  • They’re decorative (make great feature walls) and affordable.
  • They can have acoustic and fire-resistant properties.
  • They’re durable and add elegance indoors and outdoors.
  • They also insulate walls to keep interior spaces warm in winter.
  • They add different styles or themes indoors such as modern, rustic, contemporary, etc.
  • They can be drilled for installation of electrical outlets and cables, including speakers.

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