How 3D Wall Covering Panels Create a Modern Shopping Environment

If you own a store in a shopping centre, you may be contractually obligated to update your shop’s image from time to time to keep in line with the centre’s overall aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, you might want to revamp the place to entice more customers. You may be the owner of the shopping mall and need a way to bring the lobby and walkway areas into the 21st century. If you aim to achieve a modern, contemporary image, you ought to consider purchasing and installing 3D wall covering panels that appear indistinguishable from concrete and stone, depending on the type of product you prefer.

3D Wall Panels from Stonini in Charlestown Shopping Centre
3D Wall Panels from Stonini in Charlestown Shopping Centre

Of course, it’s crucial to purchase wall panels from a manufacturer with in-depth knowledge on interior design, and you need to know the coverings will stand the test of time. Most importantly, you need a product that looks authentic and unique, and while there are many options available, it’s important to remember that many factory-produced panels feature similar or identical designs. Fortunately, if you choose us for your new 3D wall coverings, you can feel confident in their quality, originality, and beauty.

3D Wall Panels from Stonini in Carindale Shopping Centre
3D Wall Panels from Stonini in Carindale Shopping Centre

At Stonini™, we produce all our products here in Australia and only use the highest-grade materials to create textured and authentic appearances. Plus, each of our panels is hand-manipulated during the production process, meaning you won’t find any two coverings with the same design. Despite our presence in Australia, you can find our products all over the globe thanks to distributors in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and we can even talk about customisations if you require something a little different to what’s available in our standard product range.

The Benefits of 3D Wall Covering

As the name suggests, our panels are textured to give a 3D image that looks identical to real stone or concrete, and guests will love the striking and modern appearance of your shopping centre if the first thing they see when entering the lobby is a standout feature wall. Here’s why our 3D coverings are still growing in popularity:

  • They’re eco-friendly – We live in a world of finite resources, which is why we use sustainably grown, organic products to make our 3D wall coverings for modern commercial settings. You can feel confident that you’re not hurting the environment when purchasing our panels.
  • We have an extensive range – We understand that everybody has an interior decorator deep down, and we aim to bring your ideas to life with our broad selection of 3D panels. Our panels can be cut to size and installed on curved and oddly shaped walls, meaning we have the perfect product for you regardless of your requirements.
  • Our coverings are easy to install – Even though our products look indistinguishable from real concrete or stone, they’re lightweight and therefore easy to install on almost any wall, and they won’t compromise the structural integrity of your building.

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If you want to update your shopping centre’s image and ensure customers adore every design feature of your establishment, installing our 3D wall panels is a smart move. Contact us today to find out how our friendly professionals and high-quality products can help you.