Update Your Business’s Appearance with Textured Wall Panels – Australia

If you run a business in Australia that’s open to the public, such as a bar, restaurant, shopping complex or hotel, you need to pull out all the stops to ensure your interior décor exceeds customer expectations. People won’t keep returning to a bar that looks out of date, especially when there are many other establishments in the vicinity. Restaurants need to provide a relaxing and stylish ambience in addition to serving delicious food, and hotels need to impress guests the instant they would through the lobby doors.

Of course, every establishment has different requirements regarding style, and while some bars may aim for a raw industrial look, others might prefer to convey a rustic charm. No matter what design you’re after, you need walls that stand out and impress guests while they’re enjoying their evening. With an abundance of different types of textured wall panel to choose from, you can achieve the image of your desires and ensure customers keep coming back. However, it’s vital to purchase textured wall panels in Australia from a provider that’s earned a reputation for excellence.

Here at Stonini™, we’ve been innovators in our industry since 2002, and the popularity of and trust in our products has resulted in us having a worldwide reach. Even though you can find our textured wall panels in the far reaches of the globe, you’ll never find any two that are identical because we manipulate each panel by hand to achieve a unique look every time. Beauty aside, our products are also practical because they’re easy to install. Also, we only use organic, sustainable materials because we care about doing our part for the environment.

Stylish Textured Wall Panelling in Australia

People purchase our panelling for various reasons, from decorating every wall in the hotel to creating a standout feature that wows visitors. Here are a few ways in which you can use our products to convey a stylish and original look:

  • A feature wall behind the bar – Most of us enjoy heading to a contemporary cocktail bar to enjoy a drink or two, and we love the bottles on display behind the bar that adds a sense of atmosphere to the entire establishment. With textured concrete-like wall panelling, you could convey that raw industrial look to make your cocktail display look even more enticing.
  • A lobby that guests will never forget – You need to start impressing guests from the second they enter your hotel lobby, and they’ll be blown away by a textured wood look that sets you apart from the competition. All our products are indistinguishable from the real thing except being much lighter and easier to install.
  • Modernise your shopping centre – Shoppers like outlets that look modern and striking because, after all, many of them are looking for clothes that belong in this century. You can find the perfect wall panels to bring your establishment into the 21st century by browsing our extensive product range.

Be Proud of Your Business’s Style

Sometimes, all it takes is one small change to improve your property’s appearance significantly, and you won’t be disappointed with our textured wall panels in Australia. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly manufacturing process or for design ideas.