3d wall panel - Cabana from Stonini 3d profiles range


Calypso sand 3d wall panel close up

Calypso Sand

Rammed Earth Sand wall panel from Stonini Earth Range

Rammed Earth Sand

3d wall panel - Elephant from Stonini 3d profiles range


3d wall panel - Flautas from Stonini 3d profiles range

Flautas Pitted Raw

Pitted concrete raw finish from Stonini Concrete Wall Panels Range

Pitted Concrete

3d wall panel - Ruhlman from Stonini 3d profiles range




Designed and manufactured right here in Sydney, Australia, Stonini wall panels are breathtakingly beautiful and environmentally friendly. They provide visionary architects and interior designers with the means of adding elemental style and lifelike textures to their creations. With our extensive line of lightweight 3d wall panels, faux concrete and decorative textured profiles, you can instil your space with a natural, timeless look.

A truly national business, Stonini products are available across Australia. Find our wall cladding in:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Darwin
  • Canberra
  • Regional centres across the country
  • And export to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia

Our lightweight wall panels can be applied to virtually any surface. Suitable for DIY renovations they can be easily installed on walls and ceilings, bar fronts and outdoor surfaces.

With four distinct ranges, you can choose from a nearly unlimited combination of colours, styles, and textures – from natural-looking wood grain or carved stone to decorative concrete. And if you’re looking for something specific that you can’t find in our line of wall panelling, the Stonini team will collaborate with you to create your own custom design.

What Makes Stonini™ Different?

Our extensive selection of decorative styles, colours and textures is only the beginning of what makes Stonini wall panelling stand out. Our products are also non-toxic and eco-friendly, which means they’re actively contributing to a greener future for Australia.

And whilst our cladding is manufactured from composite sheets, they have an extraordinary organic quality. This is partially due to the fact that each panel is hand-manipulated during the production process. As a result, each wall panel has its own subtly unique characteristics, making them ideal for non-structural wall applications in decorative fitouts. No two are exactly the same, which is perfect for adding a distinct and personalized touch to any architectural space.

Furthermore, the artisans who design and update our four distinct ranges of wall cladding stay up to date on the latest interior design trends and developments. You’ll find Stonini panelling effortlessly integrates with any interior and exterior design motif – whether you’re building a classically elegant space in Melbourne or a cutting-edge, modern environment in Perth, we have decorative panelling that will be perfect for you.

Achieve an Industrial Look with Stonini™ Concrete Wall Panels

The Stonini Concrete wall panels range of cladding offers a lightweight alternative to concrete that aesthetically achieves today’s well sought after raw, industrial look. Suitable for interior and exterior use, decorative concrete wall panelling creates an authentic appearance and texture without having to fuss with the logistical issues and mess of real concrete. All of our wall panels are easy to cut with tungsten tip saw blade.

3D Wall Panels or Flat-Surfaced Designs by Stonini™

Our decorative 3D wall panels perfectly emulate the appearance and texture of stone. They boast deep, 3D profiles and are ideal for feature walls, and they offer all of the aesthetic value of natural stone without the need to mine raw stone.

We also offer our flat-surfaced Delta range. The cladding mimics the appearance of marble, limestone, sandstone and similar surfaces at much more affordable prices. Installation is refreshingly easy, as there’s no need to deal with the fragility, weight and extreme density of natural stone products.

The Possibilities Are Endless with Stonini™ Wall Panels

Stonini™ offers a multitude of internal and external applications. Our wall cladding and panelling is perfect for residential projects ranging from feature walls to fireplace surrounds. And with many shopping centre leases requiring their tenants to refresh their shop fit-outs from time to time, they can also make smart and affordable commercial solutions.

We deliver 3d wall panels across Australia from Adelaide to Brisbane, and through our network of distributors reach homes and businesses throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia. If you’d like to integrate the Stonini ™range into your décor, contact our team today to learn more.




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Calypso 3d wall panels interior installation. Calypso panels in a Masala colour resembling chiseled stone


Stonini Profilestone is an eco-friendly, lightweight and hand crafted, composite wall panel that offers functional and aesthetically pleasing 3D textural and 2D wall cladding options for interior and exterior architectural environs.