Add Character to any Building with Decorative Faux Concrete Wall Panels

Concrete is heavy, difficult to work with, and can be extremely time-consuming to mix and use. Solve these issues with decorative wall panels from Stonini. Our materials are lightweight, easy to manipulate and come pre-fabricated, so there is no waiting time involved. Our paneling is the perfect way to add an industrial look to the inside or outside of any buildings.

If you own a nightclub or design commercial buildings and want to add a modern look to your establishment, our faux concrete wall panels are a perfect choice. Each piece is manipulated by hand during manufacturing, creating unique looks for all our products. Unlike the real thing, our panels are lightweight and easily installed thanks to their malleable nature. They can be wrapped around corners, and used to cover pillars.

If you want a sheen on your faux concrete wall, we have a gentle shine option. If you want a more traditional look, our flat finish is sure to meet your needs. Both styles look like real pavers and can be textured to feel like the real thing as well. Your guests will find it difficult to tell the difference.

A Faux Concrete Wall like no other

Concrete texture wall panels add a sense of modern style to any structure. Stonini’s materials can be used on the outside of your commercial building to give it a clean, sleek look. Interior panelling is used to give a cool feel to warehouses, homes, auto shops, cafés, and more.

Unlike real concrete, our wall panels are lightweight and easy to cut to fit the installation area. All you need is a panel saw with a tungsten blade, and you’re ready. Architects and designers love our products for their durability and safety ratings. All our decorative materials require little to no maintenance once installed.

In addition to being safe and easy to maintain, faux concrete wall panels from Stonini are flexible and simple to install. You can place them on your walls, floorboards, railings, or doorways with little difficulty. These items are also resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for high foot traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, shopping centres, and fitness centres. Our concrete texture wall panels come in industrial, basic, and pitted, ensuring that you will find the style to match your design inspiration.

pitted concrete wall panels in office interior
Concrete wall panels office installation visualisation

Customisation Possibilities

While we have an extensive selection of panelling for you to choose from, we understand that you might be looking for something specific. To that end, we offer customisation options.

When you reach out to us for a custom faux concrete wall, we start by discussing the possibilities. Our focus is on providing you with the best customer service possible, and to achieve that goal we need information. During our consult, we will review your options, ask questions about the location where you want the decorative concrete wall panels installed, and begin creating a design based on your specifications.

Once you have approved the design, we begin the manufacturing process. We move quickly because we know you do not have time to waste waiting for your panelling to arrive.

For spectacular looking faux concrete wall panels, be sure to place an order with Stonini. We have years of experience in the industry, and you can trust us to do the job right the first time, every time.