Stonini™ 3D Profiles Range

Nicci Lava Wall Panel - Stonini

Nicci Pumice Lava

Nicci Pumice Flow Wall Panel - Stonini

Nicci Pumice Flow

Nicci Pumice Coffee Liqueur Wall Panel

Nicci Pumice Coffee Liqueur



Calypso sand 3d wall panel close up

Calypso Sand



Flautas Ivory



Flautas Pitted Raw



Hexa Tile

Sydney’s Highest Quality 3D Wall Panels

Trying to achieve that authentic stonewall look?

3D Profile Range

Stonini™ 3D Profile wall panels emulate stone. The designs are sculpted and individually cast to give your project a handcrafted quality. Variations and slight imperfections are part of the inherent nature of these Stonini™ Wall Panels. It’s what adds character and makes the space in which it is installed completely unique. Whether you’re prepping a new restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD, or cladding the walls of a master bedroom in a beachside home in Perth’s Southwest, this cool, natural feel will bring an ambiance to your spot like no other, accentuated by your own personal touch.

With a choice of colours and surface additives and with options for customisation, you can create any visual and textured effect you desire for your interior or exterior design project. There are so many different possibilities to explore before you find the design that is perfect for you, and here at Stonini™, we look forward to collaborating with you to develop your dream final product.

Stonini™ 3D Profile wall panels have aesthetic and practical appeal:

3D wall panels accessible to the entire world

Just because you aren’t close to our offices doesn’t mean you should forgo the best products. We work hard with our distributors to ensure that our 3D wall panels are accessible to you anywhere across the world. See below for our comprehensive range of locations.

We also have Decorative Concrete Wall Panels that may work perfectly for your next project. For more information, contact one of our helpful staff today.